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Holiday Breads

When my mom was little her grandma always made orange rolls for Thanksgiving dinner. Now, when my mom makes her grandma’s orange rolls for us, we lick our fingers and beg for more.  This holiday season I asked my mom if she would help me share them with you.  For a limited time I will be selling orange rolls and orange-swirl bread (a new creation). These are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties, or as a gift to neighbors, friends and family.

Also new specialty bread available:
Sourdough bread and sourdough wheat-stalk rolls (Pain d’Epi).

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I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season.








Dear Customers

This month I am trying something new. It’s a little hard to deliver each of your orders and catch you at home. So this month I am going to leave your bread in a sack on your doorknob. You can pay for your bread online through Paypal or some people like to leave their money in a cooler on their doorstep. You can also mail your payment to Abigail Levie, 4771 W. 2100 N. Cedar City, UT 84721. You should receive a note on your door informing you of this change, telling you which day I will deliver your bread, and confirming your specific order. Change your order anytime, email me at Abby@AbigailsOven.com or call 865-7540

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Abigail Levie

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  1. When the children came to our door selling bread we thought what a great way to market the bread. My wife bought the cinnamon loaf and it was so big and cook to perfection that I can’t believe you cook that Abigail. Yummy Yummy Now that I visited your site and saw that it is you a young lady excited about cooking. I will help with your future and your brothers. (He is a good sales guy and appreciated the tip we gave.) I am going to tell others and invite others to try the bread. Let us know when the next batch is rising cause I need some wheat and more cinnamon loaf.

  2. We are a first time buyer and love your bread we hope others will try it – that’s all it takes.

  3. Abigail I loved your Cinnamon Swirl Bread! It was such a joy to have you come to my door tonight. I am sure we will be regular customers. What a special little girl you are. I am sure your parents are so proud.

  4. Nov. 9, 2011
    We love your bread (and excellent salesmanship!) and have told others. Now, that we’ve found your website – will happily announce to many more.
    This country is better because of you!

  5. … Lil girl, i hope and wish you get that restaurant or bakery you so desire. never have my wife and I meet such a polite and business orientated 10 year old such as your self. I liked on facebook, and decided to help promote your endeavors there as well, lets hope my friends become your friends/ customers…

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