Abigail's Oven

Fresh, healthy bread, handcrafted with love

Hi! I’m Abigail

I started helping my mom make homemade bread when I was 8. When I turned 10 I started my own bread business – Abigail’s Oven

Now I’m 15 and my family and I are growing Abigail’s Oven into a full-time bakery.

When you buy a loaf of bread from Abigail’s Oven not only are you eating delicious, wholesome bread, you are also supporting a local Provo bakery that uses locally grown grain.

Abigail Levie



  1. When the children came to our door selling bread we thought what a great way to market the bread. My wife bought the cinnamon loaf and it was so big and cook to perfection that I can’t believe you cook that Abigail. Yummy Yummy Now that I visited your site and saw that it is you a young lady excited about cooking. I will help with your future and your brothers. (He is a good sales guy and appreciated the tip we gave.) I am going to tell others and invite others to try the bread. Let us know when the next batch is rising cause I need some wheat and more cinnamon loaf.

  2. We are a first time buyer and love your bread we hope others will try it – that’s all it takes.

  3. Abigail I loved your Cinnamon Swirl Bread! It was such a joy to have you come to my door tonight. I am sure we will be regular customers. What a special little girl you are. I am sure your parents are so proud.

  4. Nov. 9, 2011
    We love your bread (and excellent salesmanship!) and have told others. Now, that we’ve found your website – will happily announce to many more.
    This country is better because of you!

  5. … Lil girl, i hope and wish you get that restaurant or bakery you so desire. never have my wife and I meet such a polite and business orientated 10 year old such as your self. I liked on facebook, and decided to help promote your endeavors there as well, lets hope my friends become your friends/ customers…

  6. How do I sign up? I want some whole wheat bread. Can I pay with PayPal?

  7. I would like to become one of your customers.

  8. Alicia
    You can request a sample loaf on our website now, it has all 4 of our breads and we will bring it to you. We will start delivering on Monday February 2nd. To sign up go to “Make and Order” and pay with Paypal.
    Thank you.

  9. Annalee

    Thank you, that is wonderful. If you would like to try all of our bread request a sample loaf on our website and we will bring it to your home. To make sign up go to “make and order” on our website. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  10. Hi, love your bread. Just wondering if our order of the last four weeks is now finished and we need to submit a new order. We would like to change our order to the seven grain bread for the next four weeks. Let me know what we need to do. Thanks. Oh, please slice the bread. You are doing a great job! Sheryl

  11. Your little brother and sister came by and sold us a half loaf of sour dough bread and now after seeing the wonderful minimal natural ingredients you use, my husband and I are kicking ourselves for not buying one of every kind you had. This morning, we threw away a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread he bought at Allen’s unaware that it had high fructose corn syrup and two kinds of partially hydrogenated oil, yuck!!! Your ingredient list is perfectly simple, minus all the yucky stuff and only containing the healthy stuff. The only improvement I could wish for would be if you could make the cinnamon bread with raisins and used honey or maple syrup instead of sugar to sweeten it.

  12. Hi Abigail,

    I tried your whole-wheat sourdough bread and thought it was fantastic but my question is what makes it sourdough there’s no sourdough starter in the ingredients.

  13. I have celiac disease, but I can eat this bread. The first time in over 50 years since I have been able to eat ww bread, and it is delicious. My neighbors are interested, also. A wonderful family and wonderful bread.

  14. Hi Abigail… this is really exciting to see a young person be so creative and entrepreneurial !
    I would like to know if you make your own wild sour dough starter… from scratch.

    best wishes!

  15. A friend gave me a loaf of your bread and it was wonderful. I have tried to make my own sourdough bread in the past which did not turn out very well. I love your vision!! I live in Mapleton and would like to know how I can purchase your bread.

  16. I would like to order some of your whole wheat sour dough bread. Thank you.

  17. Hello Janis
    We no longer deliver our bread. You can find it at Good Earth and Real Foods. They have several stores in Salt Lake and Utah Valley.

  18. If you live in Mapleton then the closest place that sells our bread is the Good Earth in Spanish Fork.

  19. Hello
    We have a start that someone got at a bakery in San Francisco.

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