“Their bread is incredible but even better is the life changing things I learned from taking one of their classes. For a whole year now I have made my own bread using their recipe with their start (which has never failed me!).  It has changed not only the bread I eat but the way I feed and cook for myself and my family.” 

– Janie Chambers

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We want everyone to be able to make sourdough bread in their own home. During the class you will learn the science behind sourdough, the health benefits of eating sourdough, how to use a start, how to make the bread and methods for baking it in your own oven. Everyone in a live class will take home a start, the same start that we use to make our bread (those taking the online class will be mailed a dehydrated sourdough start and dough scraper*).

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*Mailed Sourdough Start and Dough Scraper only available in Continental United States.