Why Sourdough – Complimentary Video Training!

“The BEST sourdough bread!! We eat a loaf a week!”

–Emily Sorensen

Could the end of sourdough (natural leavening) have triggered modern wheat issues…

…You see, up until the 1930’s the way bread raised was through a natural sourdough/leavening process. This is how bread was traditionally made throughout history. When commercial, lab created, quick rising yeast was introduced, the skill of using natural leavening was largely lost. Savor, texture, and health were sacrificed for the speed and uniformity of commercial yeast.

At Abigail’s Oven we’re devoted to the use of traditional natural leavening and bread baking. We use a “younger” leaven that is the mild, sweet smelling relative to the acidic vinegar smell of other sourdoughs.  With careful temperature monitoring, our dough slowly ferments allowing time for the yeast to do its magic on the dough.

As the yeast permeates the dough, it digests the carbohydrates and gluten while simultaneously increasing the B vitamins. The end result is an easily digested bread that is low glycemic and vitamin rich.

While we cannot claim our bread is “gluten free”, we’ve had many customers regularly claim that this is the first bread they’ve eaten in years and that it doesn’t trigger their gluten or blood sugar problems. And surprisingly, we’ve received feedback that customers have lost weight as they’ve eaten our bread.

Take the Abigail’s Oven Challenge. Taste our bread, authentically made with ancient methods, natural leavening and heirloom grain. Then compare it to the straight yeasted version. Prepare yourself for a nourishing surprise!